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Hello, I'm Louisa. I am a convenor, creative thinker and change agent

I have over 8 years experience working in UK advisory firms driving business as a force for good and unlocking our collective potential  to create positive impact. I am dedicated to finding creative and innovative solutions to the complex problems of our time.

My experience includes strategy design and implementation, non-financial reporting, ESG assurance, culture change, coaching, facilitation, co-creation and leadership.

I am curious about how we need to think and be as individuals, communities and organisations to navigate uncertainty and answer big questions. I explore this in a number of ways.

I am inspired by what we can learn from nature and have studied biomimicry, permaculture and systems thinking to shape my approach to strategy and innovation.

I believe art and creativity can be powerful catalysts for change and I am fascinated by the role of story-telling and performance in shifting hearts and mindsets. I create unusual, immersive and experiential events that connect, engage, inspire and call to action.

I am a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.


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We can improve your business

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About my clients

Giles Hutchins

Louisa is an insightful, intelligent, entrepreneurial, creative professional who brings leading-edge understanding of sustainability and future fit business practices. She is multi-faceted and is a great contributor to organisations exploring next-stage leadership and organisational development.

Chair @ Future Fit Leadership Academy
Norman Pickavance

Louisa is a highly connected leader, a creator, a catalyst and a campaigner - what might appear as unorthodox approaches has delivered real breakthrough thinking. Louisa brings a huge level of creativity and energy, a fresh and innovative thinker. Louisa is particularly well connected across the new innovation and sustainability ecosystem and the insights this enabled proved to be very helpful in the development of strategic thinking.

CEO @ Tomorrow’s Company 
Felicia Jackson
Felicia Jackson

Louisa has a real understanding of the complexity of sustainability issues and the challenges that practitioners face. A creative problem solver, she is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic and her strategic insight makes her a hugely worthwhile partner.

CEO @ Sufinda C.I.C.

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